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We are proud to support Kiwi's with hearing loss to hear better. As part of this we felt that it was about time we shared with you what makes us different and what we do. 


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While there's no replacement for a consultation with a hearing-care expert, the Phonak online hearing screen can provide some quick and useful feedback about your hearing.

Who We Are 

Hearing Well? 

The heart of what we do is provide Kiwis with the best possible hearing solution. We take this seriously - so seriously we are committed to providing a local full service laboratory here in NZ, with just over 50 locally employed staff. At Phonak New Zealand we service all aids in-house, they are not sent offshore. We proudly make custom in-the-ear hearing aids and earmoulds right here; and to back that up we have the largest team of Audiologists working for a manufacturer in New Zealand. 

Marvel Technology - Taking New Zealand by Storm

If you know your hearing technology, you will no doubt have heard of our latest hearing solution Marvel. 

Why is Marvel different? Marvel offers clear, rich sound quality; rechargeability and connectivity to 2.4 million Bluetooth devices. In other words - it is a no compromise device. 

It's one thing us telling you how great Marvel is - but what if we showed you what Kiwi Audiologists really think?

Kiwi Audiologists Love Marvel!

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Thinking you could benefit from Marvel technology?

We have made things easy for you. 

If you like the sound of a no compromise hearing solution, we encourage you to hear the Marvel difference for yourself. We have partnered with clinics across New Zealand to provide FREE trials of Marvel technology. 

Meet our Audiologists

With a large team of 5 Audiologists you can be sure to receive top service and hearing advice. Watch this space to learn more about the Phonak NZ team. 

Have a Question? 

We would love to hear from you 

We understand that you may need to speak to us from time to time - to make this easier we have created a dedicated phone line just for you! 

Call us on 0800 452 800 

Prefer to email? No problem. Email us at nzinfo@phonak.com and we will endeavor to answer your email within 48 hours.

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